Sex, Tattoos (+18)
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Sex, Tattoos. (+18)
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My page about tattoos on facebook. c:

dillinger4201 pergunta:
I wouldn't say im a super fan I have my picks but thats about it now I would say I'm a horror film super fan lol if u have any possible ideas for tats I would love to check them out I'm looking to add to my collection so to speak

I’m a fan of horror movie too, so if I have ideas but I send you.

dillinger4201 pergunta:
Love the Bob's burger tats

I love too. c:

Anônimo pergunta:
Supposed to send photographs of chest until please baby..

Bye man !

Anônimo pergunta:
Will you do sex with me ? Baby

Try not fill me with unnecessary questions. c: Thankful!

grkm1111 pergunta:
Could you send a photo ? I'm görkem :) I'm glad to meet you

This photo tumblr profile me. Nice to meet you too.

grkm1111 pergunta:
Where are you from? What's your name..

I’m from Brazil. My name is Maria. c:

grkm1111 pergunta: